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Make a ton of cash by telling people about us!

Corporate apparel and logo apparel affiliate program for B2B and consumers. We offer premium apparel brands. Our products are generally not found in ASI so you do not compete with 1000's of other sites offering similar products.

EARN up to 10% for every referral!

Our affiliate program allows you to generate a solid income, with little work by you.
We have two plans for you to make money:
1. We are looking for real content web sites, with good search engine presence. (Not directories, affiliate farm pages and such.) For example, The Doral Golf Resort and Spa would be great. These sites will receive 10% commission! In exchange we request a small unobtrusive text or graphic link on your home page to our home page at, with CEO in uppercase if using a text link.

2. All other good content sites will receive a 5% commission, regardless of link position. This includes sites that do not meet our content requirements for the 10% program, and those who qualify, but do not want to place a home page link.

3. We may accept some affiliates at a lower rate on a case by case basis if they do not meet our 'relevant or quality content' requirements.

Affiliates Make Money
* We pay a leading commission rate up to 10%.
* We pay commission on all referrals for 90 days- longer than almost anyone we know!
* If the shopper goes back to your site and clicks on your link again, the count resets to 0 and you'll get another 90 days from that shopper.
How the Affiliate System Works
Visitors from your Web site or email link will get a cookie which is detected by our site. You can login to your account any time and see your sales status. We continually validate your links to determine eligibility.
Program Details
* Commissions are paid per the payout table, less sales tax and shipping. There is NO cap on the size of the order and resulting commission paid.
* The new account and order must remain paid for a period of 30 days before commission is paid.
* Tracking cookies survive for 90 days.
* Golf balls, Titleist, Fairway & Greene and clearance (extremely rare) items are excluded from all commissions.
* Available to US residents and businesses only.
* Minimum payout of $50 for us to write checks.
* We reserve the right to refuse any referral purchase that we deem as a deceptive way for affiliates to get product discounts. In particular, customers may not create an affiliate account and then turnaround and shop in the store in order to receive a discount.
* Our affiliate program is an advertising program. We reserve the right to modify our affiliate program and modify an affiliate status at any time. We're new at this and we're bound to tweak the program.
Affiliate Marketing Tips
* Place a banner or link on your Web site or blog that refers your clients to and make commissions.
* Refer your business associates.
* Add a text link to your email signature on everything you send out. This is probably one of the best you can do!
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