Promotional items
Wholesale promotional products

We're a manufacturer, wholesaler, and distributor of top brands, and can brand virtually any item in our store with your logo, along with thousands of items not listed in the online store. Additionally, we offer private label manufacturing on many apparel, golf and gift items.

We've selected a few of our best sellers found throughout the store and put them in the Custom Logo category, however, almost everything in our store can be customized with your branding.

- Custom umbrellas- Our umbrellas are loved so much by gift recipients, they often call to order for their friends and family too.

- Custom Golf balls- Yes, people do lose them, but they also love them! We suggest you add a more permanent item for the goodie bag as well - Every Spring manufacturer promotions often include free gift with every dozen golf balls. Check the store for details or call and ask for the best promotion for the brand you are seeking. Our golf ball prices usually beat anyone whether you need 12 dozen or 1000 dozen.

- Promotional clothing and custom logo embroidered apparel- our specialty (see rest of our web site)

- Custom apparel & private label manufacturing- we'll help you choose just the right fabric and then create your own line of corporate embroidered apparel

- digital photo frames - keychain, 7", 10" and other sizes. This makes an interesting gift, especially if you take digital photos at the tournament and present as a gift the same day. - magnets- toss them up in the air separately and they click together. It's an event attention getter.

- CUSTOM PINS to commemorate a special event or reward.

If you're looking for the typical ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) promotional products, this it not the place. We specialize in custom promotional products suitable for executives and those who appreciate quality. We either manufacture or deal direct with the manufacturer so that we can pass along lower prices whenever possible to our volume buyers. Do we offer the full array of ASI products? Yes, we can supply anything that you need, though we rarely will post them in this store. There are many resources to view these products online. If there is something you see elsewhere and would like us to source for you, please contact us.